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bokashi composting and wormfarm; does it go well together?
Dear everybody,

I have been starting to make my own wormfarm and that sems to be going well. The worms are now moving up to the next tray and the compost in the one under it is looking good.

Just in the same time I was starting my worm farm, I have also been given a Biokashi bin, and have now fermented my first batch. It is still sitting in the bin though, since I don't know where to put it to compost it (my garden is rather small). I had thought to put it together with the wormfarm, since I read the biokashi still needs further composting before adding to the gardensoil.
Before doing this, I have made a try, to see if the worms liked the biokashi, but that did not go well. The worms died. That was not so good  :-\. The biokashi is to acid I think.
But if I mix it with the compost of the first tray, would that work? Or do I need to put the biokashi first in another composting bucket for some etime, before adding to wormfarm?
Has anybody had any experience with this?

Thank you and greetings,


Worms love bokashi
We always placed large handfuls into the corners of the wormery, and the worms were all over it.

Remember though that bokashi is very acidic, so keep an eye on the wormery ..............
thank you,
will give it a try.

Do you put it straight from the biokashi container, or let it leak on the soil for some time in a normal compost container?

we put it straight into the wormery

thank you!

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