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  Tadpole like creatures in the wormery liquid
Posted by: Boudicca21 - 07-09-2017, 10:33 AM - Forum: Worms & Wormeries - Replies (4)

title says it. Just took the first liquid off my relatively new wormery and it is full of little tadpole like creatures swimming around.

What are they? Beneficial or sign of a problem?

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Question White Office Paper
Posted by: WiggleWiggleWiggle - 06-17-2017, 02:16 PM - Forum: Worms & Wormeries - Replies (4)

Hello wiggle fans! Smile  Yet another over-anxious noobie worm-parent here. I've had my new Worm City wormery for a few days, and having read lots of info on the web about what to do and not do I'm more confused than ever, and unexpectedly alarmed, so I decided it's time to ask the experts!

I don't read newspapers so was hoping to use shredded bank statements, bills etc as bedding instead (dampened of course), 'til I read somewhere that white office paper is bad for them  Confused . Does the bleaching process make it too harmful or something? I can use shredded cardboard boxes instead if needs be, but would rather use stuff I already shred if I can get away with it. (I spent some time worrying that cardboard box glue would kill them, but now I think it's ok, and that's what's in there at the moment on top of the coir/soil.)

Also, having read that a bit of soil can help them get established, I got carried away and thought a lot of soil would be even better, and put a whole bucketful in there, mixed well into the coir. And smugly thought that with lots of soil to hide in they wouldn't feel the need to wander, and didn't put the wormery in a binbag or anything overnight (although I did leave a little nightlight outside the wormery the past couple of nights). Then yesterday I read that compost worms don't actually like a lot of soil, it's too gritty for them, and they live in different conditions to normal garden worms. Have I messed up big time? Will most of my worms have wandered off in the night? And I can see how they can climb out of the wormery and plop onto the floor, but is it possible for them to climb back in if they wanted to? It looks very tricky, but until recently I had no idea worms could climb at all! Any tips for attracting wanderers back out of my garden borders so I can put them back in the wormery, or is it not worth bothering?

I've had 2 or 3 corpses on the top each day, I'm assuming they got too traumatised by their journey so I'm trying not to worry about that yet. And at least there have been live ones in there too when I've not been able to resist peeking Angel  .

Oh, and one last question - I have the bag of cereal based worm food that came with the wormery, and they had a handful of that on arrival. I know not to try to feed them anything else for a fortnight, then I can feed a bit of kitchen waste. When should I be giving them the rest of the cereal? A small handful each time I put kitchen waste in? Or should I be giving them a bit every couple of days now if they've eaten all their arrival dinner?

There was me thinking a wormery was just a fast compost bin I could chuck waste in and not worry about! Oh my! Now I understand why people write books about it! Undecided

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  Leachate friend or foe
Posted by: WillyWorm - 06-13-2017, 07:46 PM - Forum: Worms & Wormeries - Replies (7)

Somebody in another thread ask about leachate. I felt it was a big enough subject to have its own thread. Please pass on your experience of using leachate and any information you have on it.

If you visit any worm/vermiculture site or read any book or magazine article related to the subject of vermiculture then you will see a great deal of discussion on leachate. It's a very hot topic at the moment. The opinions expressed are very far ranging, sometimes, very contradictory. Well known and well respected worm heads hold very different views on the usefulness and safety of using leachate. Some say it's a valuable plant food, others say use with caution and some say it's dangerous and should not be used directly on or near food crops. 

Firstly what is leachate? To start with it's not worm tea nor compost tea nor casting tea these terms refer to a liquid which can be made from the compost/casting from your worm bin when they are mixed with water and re-oxygenated by stirring manually or with the help of a fish tank pump. Leachate is simply the liquid which got into your bin from from "wet" food or the environment i.e. rain or excess water being applied deliberately or by accident. This moisture perculates down through the trays collecting nutrients and microbes (some good and some bad) on its journey  and you collect it via the tap in the sump. It is sometimes called "worm pee" but none of it comes directly from the worms. You would get the same substance if there were no worms in the bin. There is no disputing the fact that leachate can contain a lot of nutrients and goodness. However they can contain some nasties, the liquid which passes through the bin can be anaerobic and in this anaerobic soup bad bacteria and pathogens can breed, these baddies can harm and even kill plants and can result in health problems for us. The big problem is the fact that every batch of leaches is different even when taken from the same worm bin.

George Pilkington in his book "Composting with Worms, why waste your waste" states on page 61 "I have heard it called "worm tea" by so-call experts. He goes on to say pour the leaches on the compost heap.

 Bentley of says the jury is out on leachate.

Mary Appelhof in her book "Worms Eat My Garbage" acknowledges that some people use leachate to feed plants but makes no other comment.

Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis in their book "Teaming with Microbes" say leachate from compost adds little to the soil food web.

Worm bin manufactures and web sites selling worm bins claim leachate are a valuable liquid plant food.  

Huy from states "Using leachate that leaks at the bottom isn't pointless but risky" he goes on to say "the long term wetness (which results in leachate) will potentially create an anaerobic environment where bad bacteria can breed"

In my opinion there is some good stuff in leachate but it needs treating with caution. I set some rules some time ago. 
1) Avoid them, I manage my bin in a way which reduces the production of leachate. 
2) If I get leachate, and I do sometimes,  I check the smell, if they smell bad I dump them.
3) I aerate them before use. If it's a small amount this is a matter of putting them In a six pint milk bottle and giving them a good shake, larger amounts are put in a bucket and an air-stone connected to a aquarium pump is added to aerate for six hours. 
4) dilute at least 12 to 1 with water (1 pint to a standard 1.5 gallon watering can) before use.
5) never water over plants.
6) use around flower and ornamentals, rarely use near edibles never near edibles which will be eaten within a month.

Hope that helps 

My big concern about leachate is that it is taking goodness from the finished casting. There is only a finite amount of goodness in the food and bedding we put in the bin if we allow it to be "leached away" the finished casting will be poorer for it.


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  Horse manure
Posted by: PeteF - 06-11-2017, 12:39 PM - Forum: Worms & Wormeries - Replies (8)

A stables near me have a sign up for free horse manure.
Has anyone any advise or experience using this medium for bedding ?
How old should it be for it not generate any heat etc and how would you prepare it for use if it was fresh ?

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  Tree leafs as a bedding
Posted by: PeteF - 06-10-2017, 02:51 PM - Forum: Worms & Wormeries - Replies (4)

question please.
I live next to a park which has many horse chestnut trees in it. We have had very high winds of late and the park is covered in leafs most of which are now brown. I believe the leafs will be all right when brown as a change to corrugated cardboard as a bedding. Do they need to be wet or dry ? and if used do i need to use them in moderation. I could easily fill a sack full but I've no where to store them other than my garage.

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  Tray Compression
Posted by: greenfingerswannabe - 06-03-2017, 10:04 AM - Forum: Worms & Wormeries - Replies (1)

Hi Guys

New to "worm keeping" and my questions so far have been answered with humour and sincerity by my new worm mate, "Willyworm".

As I've just started, this is a question for the future. I read that when the 1st tray is about 3/4 full, this is the time to add the 2nd, and the same before the 3rd and 4th. 

Question is that with the increasing added weight, do the lower trays (particularly the 1st tray) eventually compress to the level of the stops? 

i.e - about 2 inches of depth.


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Posted by: PeteF - 05-27-2017, 02:49 PM - Forum: Worms & Wormeries - Replies (15)

my daughter works ay a nursery and acquires unwanted fruit for me, tea bags etc. Has anyone use canary melon skins (the yellow melon).the skins are a bit waxy and I wondered if these were ok (in moderation)

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Wink Fantastic product and Service!!
Posted by: greenfingerswannabe - 05-27-2017, 11:08 AM - Forum: Testimonials / Feedback - No Replies

What a fantastic product and service!!

Ordered one day, arrived the next. Having previously seen an assembly video online, it took no more than 15 minutes to completely set up without the instructions. Read them later and found them to be easily understood and very comprehensive. I had done considerable product research online and am confident that I have made the right decision in selecting Wormcity. With my new excitement I called with a host of questions and spoke to Geoff, who said that I would really need to speak to Ronnie as she was the expert, but had just left on an appointment. Geoff answered all my questions, very enthusiastically and with a full explanation, very much to my complete satisfaction. Very pleased to see that this is a family run business and send my best wishes for continued success long into the future. My 7 year old granddaughter absolutely adores my "Worm's House" and will help me to look after our army of digesters.

PS - It would seem that the worms that you have supplied are very sophisticated. I shredded newspaper as recommended, but they seem to have a preference for the Guardian rather than the Sun.

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Posted by: PeteF - 05-20-2017, 06:04 PM - Forum: Worms & Wormeries - Replies (6)

Hello all
Been reading up on foods on the web..ideas etc and am finding posts etc saying that that potato skins and potatoes are not good for my worms.
I was given a bag of potatoes that were sprouting and starting to go green a bit. Can the experts please tell me if I can feed this to them. at the moment I mince all the food up prior to feeding them.

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  First Wormery HELP!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Deaks1981 - 05-18-2017, 08:30 PM - Forum: Worms & Wormeries - Replies (3)

Hi everyone

Newbie here and its my first wormery I've noticed that my worms keep escaping into the sump we're talking quite a few does anyone know why or any ideas on how to stop it 

At the moment i only have 1 tray as I've only started it a month ago if that helps 

Many thanks in advance 


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